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In today’s modern world, we have the luxury of having the technology we want and need at our fingertips. Since the rise of smartphones, most people have been relying on this technology to do most of the things that were previously done on a computer.

This includes anything from shopping, emailing, staying connected through social media, and even things like filing your taxes. More than likely, you are also reading this on your smartphone or were using your device just a few moments ago. This being said, it’s vital that companies have websites optimized for mobile, or “mobile friendly,” rather.

Why is having a mobile friendly site important? We’re glad you asked! There are a variety of reasons that benefit the company as well as the consumer. A mobile-optimized website is almost identical to a desktop site; however, things are shrunken down to fit the smaller screen of your smartphone. When a website is designed for mobile, the website will detect the size of your phone and adapt to that size.


Having a mobile-optimized site ensures that the people visiting your site have a great experience. Often, desktop versions of websites can show up glitchy or out of order when pulled up on a mobile browser. A messy website can cause frustration for consumers, and possibly even cause them to look for products or services elsewhere. Advanced technology is important, but convenience is critical. The more convenient things are for people, the more likely they are to utilize them.

Aside from having a cleaner look, designing your website to be mobile friendly also increases the speed of the page. When websites are designed for the proper device, pages and links tend to load faster. When consumers are searching for something on their phone, they want their answers fast. A mobile-friendly site design helps consumers find information more easily since the design is simpler and geared toward appeasing shorter attention spans. A desktop site often complicates and frustrates a consumer using a smartphone. A mobile-friendly design lowers your bounce rate by keeping them on your site so they don’t take their business elsewhere.


Another major perk for companies to have a mobile-friendly site design is that it will benefit your search engine optimization. When search engines such as Google, review your website to rank in top utilization, it will look at your reach on both your desktop and mobile site. This means that even if you don’t get much traction to your desktop page, your frequently visited mobile-friendly website could help push your company further  towards the top of the result pages. Search engine companies also encourage having both a desktop website and a mobile-friendly website because they also want to ensure that people are having great user experiences when they direct traffic your way.


There are many reasons that cause consumers to leave your website. Having a slow or messy experience on a webpage tends to frustrate people, a common problem if your website is not created mobile-friendly. However, if you have a website suited for mobile, you are already standing out among your competition who does not. If you have the site that’s very user friendly and has a fast response time, then chances are you are going to be the website users visit versus the competition. Plus, more visits to your site will increase the chances that your company will continue to climb the search engine results ladder outpacing your competition.


Lastly, a mobile friendly website makes life easier for you and your customers. Desktop-geared websites tend to have more complex navigation, depth of information and coding which can make keeping your website updated more challenging. A mobile-optimized website has a simpler layout, making it easier to maintain. On the web, simple is better. A streamlined, simple design is easier for you to manage, and will also allow your website to load faster, yet another important contributing factor to keeping your consumers on your page and not drifting elsewhere. Mobile-friendly websites are also more likely to keep up with the on-going technology updates which could negatively affect the performance of a desktop designed site when utilized on a smartphone.

Enough reasons for you to go mobile? If you’re looking to make the beneficial upgrade to a mobile-optimized site, we’re ready to help. Upgrading to a mobile-optimized site will help your consumers to have a much better experience, making your website and your business more memorable. When you’re ready to get started, contact the team at Fresh Creative today!

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